Supervisor Board


Control Board by the General Meeting of Shareholders elected, is held on behalf of shareholders to control all business activities, management and administration of the company. The structure of the control current as follows:


Ms.Nguyen Thi Thuy


Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy - Head of the Supervisory Board.

Graduated from University Accounting and Finance in 1998, Thuy has taken hold many important positions such as chief accountant of the company's Construction & 9, Deputy Accounting Corporation LICOGI 16.

Currently head of the task is outside the control of Company LICOGI 166, she also takes the position Head of Control Company LICOGI 16





Mr. Tran Anh Khiem


Mr. Tran Anh Khiem - Member

Graduated from the Hanoi Law University in 1998 and University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City in 2003, Khiem has taken hold many important positions in other units such as Sales Manager - Branch Pharmaceutical Company & veterinary Supplies in HCMC, Head of Dispute settlement - Law Firm intellectual Property WINCO, Attorney Law Office WINCO - Ha Noi Bar Association.

From 2007 to date, is outside the control of the committee, he also takes the position Head of Business & Investment - Company LICOGI 166



Mr. Pham Xuan Dien


Mr. Nguyen Anh Tu - Member

With professional qualifications are Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics, said Nguyen Anh Tu of trust to make many important positions held in other units, such as Chief Accountant Machine Company utilities, Chief Accountant Corporation LICOGI 16, Deputy Head of Trading liabilities - debt Trading company in Vietnam.

Currently the task is outside the control of a committee of JSC LICOGI 166, he was holding the Vice Chief of buying and selling debt - debt trading company in Vietnam, the Control Board commissioner Company LICOGI 16