Ban Chat hydropower plant

Ban Chat hydro power plant is built on Muong Kim commune, Than Uyen Town, Lai Chau Province , this is one of two works in  cascade hydraulic  on the Nam Mu river. With a designed capacity of 220MW, when put into operation, the annual Ban Chat hydropower plants will provide electricity 1.158,1x106  KWh to national grid system.
With a capacity of 1,702 billion m3 reservoir, Ban Chat hydro power plant also plays an important role in regulating the water for the Da river system and the Red river's basin, join flood cut to protection for works in the downstream.
Ban Chat Hydropower project by the Vietnam electricity (EVN) as investors, Infrastructure Development and Construction Corporation(LICOGI)  is a construction contractor, members in the complex include  LILAMA Corporation,Truong Son Construction Corporation, VINACONEX, Viet Bac company-Ministry of Defense.
Ban Chat hydropower plant's spillways is designed as roller compacted concrete (RCC), the volume of 1.7 million m3 of approximately 425M length, 125m height, 104m wide base of the dam, the dam crest width of 20m. This is the highest RCC dam in Vietnam, the second-largest volume in Vietnam only after Son La Hydropower Plant.
At Ban Chat hydropower projects, LICOGI 166 was trusted and selected by investor and general contractor to being is the only company to undertake construction of dam by the technology itself RCC with a total value of 1,500 billion. In addition, LICOGI166 alsoprovides 260,000 tons of fly ash to produce RCC; weconcurrently perform many other important items of work such as pumping stations, water tanks and water supply systems,lines,substations and power supply system construction; auxiliary items RCC concrete, nails conveyor systems, leveling concrete and concrete dam bottom cover.
LICOGI 166'scontributions at Ban Chat hydropower project wasnotedand appreciatedbyVietnam ElectricityGroup(EVN) and General Contractor LICOGI . So in celebration of the completion of RCC concrete blocks 1 millionrank, LICOGI 166 were honored to welcome Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to work, encouragement and gift at worksite.
The pictures of construction at Ban Chat hydropower project