February 7th 2018, Licogi166 solemnly organized “2018 New year Gala” with the theme “Tet reunion”. This aimed to summarize a great year of production and business activity as well as pursuit more successes in 2018.

All staff members eagerly waited for this event after hard-working year. It was not just a party at the end of the year but giving a lot of meanings for the whole employees and families. In addition, this event was the time for gratitude of partners, customers, honoring individuals and organizations who have contributed to development of Licogi 166 over the past year. It also brought opportunity for staffs from all the fields to join reunion with friends, colleagues, relatives, family.

Let's look back memorable moments of the 2018 New Year Gala.

The Chairman of directors Board - General Director Vu Cong Hung gave a great speech for summarizing 2017 and welcoming new year.

Mr. Bui Duong Hung - Chairman of Licogi 16 stated congratulations

Awarded for "Excellent Employee", "Excellent Management Officer" and "Excellent Representative" for collectives and individuals who have outstanding achievements in their work in 2017.

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