Hydropower projects

Construction of hydroelectric capacity
With its outstanding efforts in investment, labor and creativity, along with the participation of the century stature as: Hydroelectric A Vuong hydropower Ba Ha, Dong Nai 3 hydropower, hydropower Perfume Dien Ban Chat hydropower, water pumping station Dian Thomas. . . , LICOGI 166 has risen to become a leading company in Vietnam in the field of construction, especially the construction of hydropower projects, which is an unexpected result of the leadership team and staff employees of the Company.
Do not stop with the results and successful past, LICOGI actively invest 166 construction equipment advanced and modern, promote creativity in order to improve the technical capacity of construction. Go to the present time, LICOGI 166 has been owned system of construction machinery and advanced modern synchronized with hundreds of billion worth. Therefore LICOGI are 166 investors, the consulting unit, the contractor evaluation and recording unit is capable of mechanical construction, construction of hydropower projects in Vietnam and within the area area.
With a team of qualified personnel qualifications and experience in the management and implementation of construction, to force construction machinery advanced, comprehensive and modern, fully 166 LICOGI capacity to undertake construction works on a large scale, with high technical requirements such as hydroelectric, irrigation works, construction and transport infrastructure projects. . . .
Also, always ready LICOGI 166 links and cooperation with partners, customers to share interests, share business opportunities, maximizing capabilities and strengths of each party, towards the sustainable development of society as well as for the construction industry in Vietnam.