The 10th Anniversary Ceremony Of Licogi 166

On July 24, 2017, in the Sun Spa resort, Quang Binh, LICOGI 166 JSC took place the 10th anniversary ceremony.There is attendance: leaders and former leaders of LICOGI 166 over periods, leaders of member companies in LICOGI 16- mother company, the whole staff of company and their family members.



Ritual of Gala dinner is short but solemn and full of emotion.

The ceremony started with the opening speech of Mr Vu Cong Hung, the chairman and general director of LICOGI 166, and followed by the devoted and touching speech of Mr Bui Duong Hung- the chairman of LICOGI 16. The short film about the 10 year journey of LICOGI 166 recalled the image of the 50m2 room in Den Lu urban area, the first location of head quarter. 



Mr Vu Cong Hung, Chairman and General Director of LICOGI 166 has opening speech.


Mr Bui Duong Hung, Chairman of LICOGI 16 has a speech. 


In July 2010, the company listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange with initial share price of VND 25,000 / share (2.5 times as much as of par value) and closed at VND 43,000/ share.  At that time, LICOGI 16.6 was one of the few leading units in the LICOGI cooperation in particular and the construction companies in general listed early and successfully on the stock market.
On October 4, 2012, LICOGI 16.9 JSC merged with LICOGI JSC16.6 into LICOGI 166 JSC. Until now, this name has kept the same.
The period from 2013 and 2014 is a period gloomy, difficult for the company because the finished Ban Chat hydroelectronic project left a big gap hardly compensating while big hydroelectric projects is very few and not easy to approach for a bid. The management board decided to re-structure and changed the business stratergy, choosing to build transport infrastructure as a key. Until now, LICOGI 166 has become one of the professional contractors with many equipments, human resource for big projects, and the national highway. Big transportation projects LICOGI 166 anticipated:
-       Improving and upgrading the No 1 national road, part over Quang Tri province: VND 60 billion
-       Improving and upgrading the No 38 national road, package 11 and 12 with total value VND 165 billion
-       Building the Ha Long- Van Don highway street: Package 1+2 with total value VND 200 billion
-       Building the box culvert system in Long Bien district: Package 1+2 with value VND 170 billion
-       The most recent project is the package 10 + 11, Bac Giang- Lang Son highway street project with value about VND 200 billion
The goal in next years of LICOGI 166 JSC is to continue the stable development in the field of infrastructure & transportation construction; Synchronizing equipment capacity to proactively execute all stages of the works; looking for new projects with different capital sources in the field of infrastructure, water supply, drainage, environment, roads; simultanously look for markets to stabilize output for construction stone. At the same time, the board of directors also set the goal to seek opportunities to become investors in the fields that the company is pursuing.

The film about the 10 years of establishment and development of LICOGI 166  was followed by touching moments when the company's leaders came to the stage to express gratitude to the individuals who have contributed so much to the development of the company.



What touched, sacred and proud moments when the leaders of the company together with the guests  celebrated the company's birthday ceremony formally, warmly and friendly.



 Along with success of team building program vibrant and bloody, Gala dinner is really an ending sweet and deep. It seems that all members in delegation attending the 10th anniversary of LICOGI 166  enjoyed  a happy day, full of warm family air.

After the holiday, all of us come back to daily work, but it make sure that every moment in the 10th anniversary ceremony of LICOGI 166 will be a beautiful and unforgettable memory for everybody. 

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