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With determination and relentless efforts, currently exceeds LICOGI 166 JSC up standing on a team of leading companies in Vietnam in the fields of construction, manufacturing and trading of construction materials, especially construction hydropower and construction materials production-friendly environment

With products and quality services, with the prestige, responsibility and ethics in business, LICOGI 166 always striven to create the best value and sustainable manner, giving satisfaction for customers, partners, communities and society as a whole.

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LICOGI 166 JSC is a affiliates of LICOGI 16 JSC (Properties Corporation Construction and Infrastructure Development LICOGI 16)

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» Value System

Value of LICOGI 166 was built based on reputation, ethics, transparency, and fairness. This value is a guide, always during the construction and development of LICOGI 166.

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» Platform LICOGI 166

LICOGI 166 built based on long-term vision and thorough, consistent orientation, clear and consistent with macroeconomic conditions, and the overall development situation of the construction industry.

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» Leader Information:

LICOGI 166 managed and run by young leaders, enthusiastic, dynamic, good professional knowledge, working experience in business management and construction management.

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